What Is Online Testing?


Administering exams enables instructional designers and L&D professionals to understand the scope and level of knowledge and expertise of staff so they can better meet their staff’s learning needs. It also allows students to assess their  Online learning progress, identify knowledge gaps, and receive feedback to help improve their educational program.

This illustrates the importance of quizzes in the process of creating effective training programs for any organization. You can easily reach your teams and present assessments efficiently by taking advantage of complementary learning tools such as test software.

 We’ve selected 10 exam software that will help you seamlessly assess understanding, test knowledge retention, and consolidate key knowledge across a wide range of students. Read on to learn more about the tools you can explore.

Fast Refresh

Rapid Refresh is EdApp ‘s own spreadsheet-based in-app quiz creation software designed to help you engage your students, reinforce their educational concepts, improve their retention rate, and monitor their overall performance . With its intuitive user interface, you can instantly create interactive and visually appealing training assessments and distribute them in minutes.

To create a quiz, all you need to do is the training tool Entering your questions and answers via ‘s user-friendly spreadsheet template. From there, Rapid Refresh will automatically turn your content into well-designed gasified quizzes, which you can then distribute directly to your students’ mobile devices on a daily or weekly basis. You can even choose to submit all tests at once.

This exam software is a convenient tool for you to run pretests that allow you to assess the knowledge level of your teams on a particular subject. It can also be used to reinforce key information such as company updates and to recognize gaps that are critical in evaluating the effectiveness of training programs alongside other company initiatives.

Analytics tools allow you to efficiently monitor employee performance and respond to reports accordingly. Rapid Refresh helps to improve knowledge retention and motivate better performance for your employees through the leaderboards feature.

 Important Points:

 Spreadsheet-based test delivery In-app branding and customization Leaderboards Reports and analytics

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Kahoot! It is a game-based online quiz software that uses colorful visuals and gasification elements to increase interaction. It offers quizzes that include multiple choice questions as well as “write answer” questions that participants must write down their answers to to demonstrate a deeper understanding of a particular topic.

Quizzes can be answered simultaneously by a group of “players” or set up as a self-paced challenge to be answered asynchronously. Quizzes called “Kahoots” can be accessed via a web browser or app. This exam software allows you to consolidate key concepts and engage your students as a group or individual.

 Quiz Oyun

Quiz Game is an Online educational tool that uses gamification to increase the retention of post-training knowledge. The games offer a variety of pre-made templates and quiz modes such as stock market-like builds, duels, and group trivia. It also provides access to data analytics for efficient monitoring of learning progress and Online engagement.

This exam software effectively supports your employee training by helping you measure Online employee knowledge, create a competitive environment, and Online develop knowledge seamlessly . It also makes Online learning more engaging and motivating for your employees.

Survey Monkey

SurveyMonkey is an online testing tool that lets you create automatically scored tests. The website is relatively easy to use, from creating quizzes to using analytical tools for scoring. It also lets you track employees who have completed exams and send reminders for those who haven’t yet. With this exam software, you can run exams that can be used to assess your employee’s skills, competency, knowledge and more without too much hassle.

Easy Test Maker

Easytestmaker is an online quiz creator that lives up to its name due to its ease of use. There are different types of questions such as multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, true-false. It also has a quiz builder feature that lets you copy questions from other quizzes or your question pool without having to do the manual work. You can only publish online tests with up to 25 results stored at a time.

Thanks to this quiz software’s approach to creating formatted quizzes, it is very easy to create quizzes as it eliminates the time spent on customization and editing. This tool is available for free, but additional features such as the ability to upload images or graphics require a paid subscription.